What you will get …

  • I will have a dedicated team keeping my cash flow strong
  • I will have my accounts receivable consistently in line with industry standards 
  • It will free up my in-office team to focus on patient care
  • I will be able to rethink my administrative staffing needs

What you may not have thought about…

  • You will have an unbiased eye on your accounts 
  • You will have someone who does just AR management keeping you informed of issues and concerns they may see in your patient accounts
  • You will be updated on changes to industry concerns relating to insurance 
  • You will be protecting your business

What our clients have said…

I had Summit take on all of my insurance billing off-site, since I had lost my OM. I couldn’t believe how many old claims were outstanding and how much lost revenue was discovered by their expertise. I still contract them do all my claims off-site now because it makes it so easy and predictable for me. That makes one less staff member to manage and pay! I highly recommend their services. They offer such a range of guidance and management at whatever level is needed to set a practice up for success. Thank you, Summit! 

Dr. Kathryn Wynkoop Bellingham Family Dental

Summit Dental Partners was an invaluable resource to our office during a huge transition period. We worked closely with our representative in developing the best course of action that was suitable for what we needed at that particular time. Within a very short period, outstanding claims were being worked on and submitted with payments promptly coming in. Their knowledge of insurance helped to get our accounts receivable department back on track, so we could focus on other projects that needed our attention.

Kara Sullivan  Hingham Endodontics, Hingham, MA

Why should I outsource my Accounts Receivable?

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